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> General Coalition Meetings Information
The ETCFC holds meetings in several different regions of East Tennessee:  monthly meetings for the entire region in the Knoxville area, and bi-monthly meetings (every two months) for our two corner districts, Chattanooga and Tri-Cities (the Tri-Cities meetings are currently held in Johnson City). We have information below on each area's meetings.

> Monthly Coalition Meetings - Knoxville Area
  • When:  2nd Thursday of each month, 11 am - 1 pm, over lunch
  • Where:  all monthly Knoxville meetings for 2009 are scheduled to take place at the Copper Cellar in downtown Knoxville
The best way to stay abreast of when and where these meetings are taking place is to get on the ETCFC email list. You'll only get 1-2 emails each month but will be reminded of upcoming meeting dates as well as will be plugged-in to regional action on alt fuels to keep you informed! Email Jonathan Overly at [email protected] and let him know you want to be added to the ETCFC email list.

Monthly Meetings The meeting dates and locations scheduled in 2009 are the following:
    •   January 8
    •   February 12
    •   March 12
    •   April 9
    •   May 7
    •   June 11
    •   July 9
    •   August 13
    •   September 10
    •   October 8
    •   November 12
    •   December 10


> Monthly Meeting Agendas and Notes
Below are provided the meeting agendas and notes from all our previous meetings. We don't have meeting notes for all meetings; they are provided where we have them. All of the documents should be in Microsoft Word. Most documents are relatively small at between 50 and 200 KB.

> Chattanooga District Meetings

  • When:  1st Friday of every other month, 11 am - 1 pm, over lunch (Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov.)
  • Where:  The CARTA Conference Room in Chattanooga; just off of Market Street in the bottom level of the south downtown parking garage right next door to the Choo-Choo (map; directions)
The meeting dates scheduled for 2009 are the following:
    •   January 2
    •   March 6
    •   May 1
    •   July 3
    •   September 4
    •   November 6

Our first Chattanooga district meeting was in June 2003.
Please contact Jonathan Overly with the ETCFC (865-974-3625) to learn more about the Chattanooga meetings or get yourself on an email list for information.


> Tri-Cities District Meetings
  • When:  1st Friday of every other month, 11 am - 1 pm, over lunch (Feb., Apr., June, Aug., Oct., Dec.)
  • Where:  The El Matador Restaurant in Johnson City. [phone and address: 423-282-8111; 2904 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN 37601 (Mapquest map link)] Please contact Jonathan Overly at 865-974-3625 or if you have any questions about the location!
The meeting dates scheduled for 2009 are the following:
    •   February 6
    •   April 3
    •   June 5
    •   August 7
    •   October 2
    •   December 4

Our first Tri-Cities district meeting was held Friday, December 3, 2004. Biodiesel took up most of the meeting's discussion due to Eastman's and some other regional organizations' interest in that particular fuel.

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