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Major Projects in East Tennessee

Our Videos - Local & Regional Action

Click the image below to watch any of our videos about local action, or visit our YouTube channel - ETCleanFuels - to see any of our 21 videos.

Sam Jackson of Genera Energy explains some of the process and feedstocks in use in Vonore.

Stephanie Cox of ECOtality discusses the nation-leading "EV Project" and what's going on in TN.

Steve Whaley of Alliance AutoGas explains their LPG bi-fuel system during a meeting.

Clean Transportation for Energy Independence

The East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCFC) is nonprofit 501(c)3 working proactively with regional fleets and citizens to reduce dependence on foreign oil and improve regional air quality and sustainability. It is a voluntary effort that is built on our many partners working together to create change in East Tennessee.

Won't you join us? Come to a meeting, or call us to find out how you can become an East Tennessee Actor for Change!

The ETCFC is a participant in the the DOE's national Clean Cities program, which works toward these goals by furthering 1) the use of alternatives to gasoline and diesel and 2) advanced technology vehicles in the transportation sector. The five main focus areas are:


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Alt. Fuels & Vehicles
biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, natural gas and propane
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Reusing braking energy to improve economy
Idle Reduction
Idling vehicles waste several billion gallons of fuel every year. Use 30 seconds as the rule!
Low-level Fuel Blends
Blending alternative and conventional fuels
Fuel Economy Measures
Use less and the benefits flow

The mission of the National FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Campaign is to locate and educate owners of FlexFuel Vehicles (FFVs) and motivate them to use higher blends of ethanol in order to meet the goals of the national Renewable Fuel Standard. ETCleanFuels is proud to partner with the FFV Campaign to help promote biofuels and particularly E85 and ethanol in our beautiful region – East Tennessee!

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Clean Transportation for
Energy Independence!

ETCleanFuels - Designated program member since 2004.

The ETCFC holds quarterly open meetings over lunch that are your best way to stay in-touch with all kinds of regional opportunities, including funding sources. Meetings are held in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Tri-Cities (in Gray).

See our meetings page for information on when and where these meetings are held, and come join us!

The ETCFC is housed within the University of Tennessee at Knoxville's Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment.

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What's going on in Tennessee with transportation change?

TN Clean Fuels Advisor
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Pilot Travel Centers

UT Biofuels Institute

TN Gas Association

Knoxville Utilities Board
Husch Blackwell Sanders LLC
AAA of East Tennessee

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