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The Tennessee Team for NGVs was started offically in 2011 as a collaboration between the three Tennessee Clean Cities coalitions and the Tennessee Gas Association (TGA). The efforts overarching mission is to enable a transition to much greater usage of cleaner, American natural gas as a transportation fuel in Tennessee. Specific activities include a) managing monthly, open conference calls to discuss activities in Tennessee and how to move them forward, b) planning a "Compelling Case for NGVs" Workshop in Tennessee in 2011, and c) collaborating to place a natural gas conference and expo in Tennessee in 2010 or 2011.

Tennessee Monthly Conference Calls Information

The monthly Tennessee Team for NGVs conference calls are open to anyone who wants to join in the discussion or listen in, we just ask that you identify yourself when the call is started. The agenda may change from call to call and we may have presenters on from time to time, but we will typically be catching up on 1) on-going projects, 2) funding opportunities, 3) new . The calls are held...
  • on the 4th Tuesday of every month, at 8:30am CT / 9:30am ET
  • Call number and access code:  270-696-2525, 953397
  • Near-future dates:
          - June 28
          - July 26
          - August 23
          - September 27
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To get your email address added to the monthly call reminder email list, just click here to send Jonathan Overly an email with the subject 'Please add me to the TN Team for NGVs conference call email reminder list.'
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Conference call noteswill be posted here

2011 Leadership Committee

Tennessee Locations - CNG Fleets & Stations

CNG Fleets in Tennessee

  • MLGW, Memphis - 63 vehicles
  • KUB, Knoxville - 40 vehicles, mostly service trucks
  • Piedmont Natural Gas, Nashville - 14 vehicles
  • AT&T, Nashville - 14 vans
  • Citizen’s Gas UD, Wartburg - 4 service trucks
  • Sevier County UD - several vehicles
  • City of Sevierville - 2 service trucks
  • City of Gatlinburg - 2 police cruisers
  • Oak Ridge UD - 1 Ford Fusion
  • Marion County - 1 Ford Fusion

Public CNG Stations in Tennessee

See our map of public CNG stations in Tennessee --> TN Public CNG Stations Map
All the info on each station can be found by just clicking on the station!

Types of Tax Credits Information

Find information on any federal or state incentives and laws at the first link, or click the links after that to see specific, federal, alt-fuel tax credits that relate to NG (and in several cases other alt fuels, too).

Qualified Vehicles that can be Converted + the Amount of the Tax Credit

The IRS is the entity that maintains both the list of vehicles that can be converted by conversion companies (or "small volume manufacturers" or SMVs as they are referred to by the IRS), and the actual amount of the tax credit for each and every vehicle capable of being converted. The link below is to the main IRS Webpage that heads this part of their site and all the information therein.
  • IRS Website, QAFMV and Heavy Hybrid Vehicles - This page provides a list of the SVMs, and each listed SVM is a link to another page that tells you the model year, vehicle description, type of fuel and tax credit amount that is available (most have references to GVW/GVWR as well).

The NGToolkit picture The Natural Gas Toolkit, or is a website with information to help those just getting started in learning about NG as a transportation fuel. The website first and foremost features a Calculator that is a pre-setup spreadsheet for calculating ROI on CNG vehicle investments.
Other features include some online resources, and a rare find: Call-a-Fleet. Call-a-Fleet gives you contacts for other NG fleet managers from all over the U.S. that have agreed to receive phone calls from fleet managers that are learing about NG, to help them answer any related fleet or fuel questions. Get some of your questions together, and give one of them a call -- and tell them you are calling them from finding them on this website!

Southeast U.S. NGV Corridor Conference Calls

Started in 2010, Bob Strickland of Alagasco and others began these every-two-weeks conference calls that discuss natural gas actions and opportunities across the entire southeastern U.S. These are very informative calls, and there is usually at least one speaker discussing equipment, new stations, and the like.
  • Email Bob Strickland if you'd like to be added to the call email reminder list!
  • Call-in information:  phone - 877-544-8688; code - 7475421#

Home Refueling Information

The natural gas appliance company Fuelmaker was purchased by Impco a couple of years ago, and you can find information on their Website about the "Phill" home refueling appliance. This is a type of time-fill system that compresses the fuel directly into the vehicle. Overnight refueling is easy and the customer gets a complete fill for his or her daily driving needs.


VIP Links!!

>- NGV America's Guide to Available Natural Gas Vehicles and Engines - This is the quintessential, downloadable and printable document (although legal-sized) you need which lists all of the vehicles that can be converted. It is updated ~once/year by NGVA, and they are in the middle of updating it right now! Check the link, but check back soon and I'm sure it will be posted. (pdf; ?? kB)
>- 3-30-11 = EPA Rule Change - AFV Conversions (pdf; 591 kB)

Basic Information

>- Natural gas - Wikipedia
>- U.S. Energy Information Administration - Natural gas
>- U.S. DOE AFDC - Alt Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center
      • Main Natural Gas Portal
      • NG Basics - What is it, Production, Distribution, etc.
      • State by state station map, and downloadable CNG station data
      • NG Infrastructure Development Information
      • NG Incentives & Laws - Federal and State
      • NG and related Publications

Organizations & Other Links

>- Natural Gas Vehicles for America
>- Clean Vehicle Education Foundation
>- CNG Now

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